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Blast Ninja is the new industry standard in hearing protection and worker performance for surface preparation.

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Less Noise, Incredible Performance

Reduce Noise At The Source

Blast Ninja™ reduces nozzle air exit velocity while maintaining particle velocity – therefore reducing noise production at the source while maintaining blasting production. Oceanit performed many years of extensive fluid dynamic modeling, lab analysis, field trials, and rigorous operator testing in various conditions to arrive at the final Blast Ninja™ product.

OSHA Advantage - Longer Blast Times

At 115 dB, the average volume of abrasive blasting operations, OSHA regulations allow for just 15 minutes of exposure. In certain conditions, Blast Ninja™ can meet OSHA’s noise standard compliance 29 CFR 1910.95 of four hours of exposure. Per OSHA requirements, better hearing protection does not reduce worker noise exposure. Only by reducing sound at its source will a worker experience non-hazardous noise.

Reduce Nozzle Noise & Improve Production

Blast Ninja™ reduces noise levels and improves production rates.
Plug and play - screw it in and start blasting. Made in the USA.

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Vance Metal Fabricators, USA

Vance is an ISO 9001:2015-certified, large-capacity metal fabricator serving the heavy manufacturing and agriculture industries.

"The Blast Ninja has really been impressive." - President

: 13 dB quieter and our blasters can stand further back with Blast Ninja
Nozzle: Blast Ninja #5 PRO vs Kennametal SN156-5P
Media: Aluminum Oxide R20

MD&A Turbines, USA

MD&A Turbines is one of America’s largest turbine generator repair and engineering organizations.

"I must admit. I thought there would be zero difference with the Blast Ninja vs our standard, but I was wrong." - Senior EHS Specialist

Results: 15 dB quieter and as smooth, quick, and durable as our Clemco nozzle
Nozzle: Blast Ninja #6 PRO vs Clemco SSD-6
Media: 220 Aluminum Oxide

See the Ninja in Action

Learn how MD&A Turbines - one of America’s largest turbine generator repair and engineering organizations - uses Blast Ninja™ to reduce noise exposure.

Hear it from our customers

"I would absolutely recommend the Blast Ninja™ nozzle. It's quieter than the Clemco nozzle we used before and causes less annoyance on the floor."

Jason Wheeler, Project Manager for Machining Services, MD&A

The Ninja outperformed my Clemco, Marco, and Kennametal nozzles. Its quieter and it's got a better production rate. You've gotta try it for yourself.

Kerr's Dustfree Blastin, Houston, TX

Safety is Our #1 Priority

We believe that safe workplaces shouldn’t just be for the big guys. Keep your guys safe without breaking the bank. Contact our sales team for discounted rates. We’ll work with you to get you the product you need at a price you can afford.

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