Reduces Noise Levels

Blast Ninja reduces abrasive blasting sound levels by up to 17 dB, delivering a huge benefit to workers' health & safety.

Maintains Productivity

Our proprietary technology reduces blast nozzle exit velocity while maintaining particle velocity; thus reducing noise at the source while maintaining abrasive productivity.

Protects Hearing

At 115 dB, normal blasting is safe for just 15 minutes. Reduced to 98 dB, OSHA allows up to four hours of work, improving efficiency by protecting hearing.

400 Blasting Hours

Blast Ninja has an estimated lifespan of 400 blasting hours before replacement, increasing savings and ROI for users.

How It Works

Learn how MD&A Turbines - one of America’s largest turbine generator repair and engineering organizations - is using Blast Ninja to reduce noise exposure.

Increase worker productivity and improve safety at the same time.

Blast Ninja meets OSHA’s noise standard compliance (29 CFR 1910.95) of four hours of work with sound levels at 98 dBA. In normal 115 dB blasting conditions without Blast Ninja, OSHA sets a maximum safe exposure time of just fifteen minutes per day.

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Blast Ninja Performance

The use of Blast Ninja nozzle systems increases production where OSHA time-weighted-average exposures rules limit operator exposure. Down time creates excess costs associated with an asset. OSHA has implemented noise exposure limits for the worker’s health and safety. Per OSHA requirements better hearing protection does not reduce worker noise exposure. Only by reducing sound at its source will a worker experience non-hazardous noise.


Reduced Noise


Reduced Worker Downtime


Reduced Air Speed


Features and Benefits

Workers in blasting environments are routinely exposed to hazardous levels of noise that can result in hearing loss and tinnitus over time. Hearing protection alone is not enough to prevent long term health impacts.

  • Reduction in hazardous noise by 17 dB(A)
  • Compatible replacement for existing abrasive nozzles
  • Reduced incidence of operator hearing damage
  • Reduce OSHA noise citations
  • Extended nozzle lifespans
  • Lower lifetime healthcare costs
  • Maintained particle velocity vs. standard nozzles
  • Strip rate equal to standard nozzles
  • Increased operator productivity

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