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Learn how MD&A Turbines - one of America’s largest turbine generator repair and engineering organizations - is using Blast Ninja™ to reduce noise exposure.

Head to Head Comparison

Ninja SH-6 vs Clemco CSD-6

See the difference in sound levels when blasting 40/60 Garnet at 90PSI. Measurements were done with a Class 2 noise meter fixed at the blast operator's chest.

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"I would absolutely recommend the Blast Ninja™ nozzle. It's quieter than the Clemco nozzle we used before and causes less annoyance on the floor."

Jason Wheeler, Project Manager for Machining Services, MD&A

The Ninja outperformed my Clemco, Marco, and Kennametal nozzles. Its quieter and it's got a better production rate. You've gotta try it for yourself.

Kerr's Dustfree Blastin, Houston, TX

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Safety is Our #1 Priority

We believe that safe workplaces shouldn’t just be for the big guys. Keep your guys safe without breaking the bank. Contact our sales team for discounted rates. We’ll work with you to get you the product you need at a price you can afford.

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Features and Benefits

Workers in blasting environments are routinely exposed to hazardous levels of noise that can result in hearing loss and tinnitus over time. OSHA has implemented noise exposure limits for the worker’s health and safety. Per OSHA requirements better hearing protection does not reduce worker noise exposure.

Reduce Noise Levels

Every 3 dB reduction reduces sound energy by 1/2. Blast Ninja™ technology has been shown to reduce abrasive blasting sound levels by up to 17 dB(A) delivering a huge benefit to workers' health & safety.

Improve Nozzle Production

Blast Ninja™ demonstrated a 26% increase in production rate when compared with a Marco venturi nozzle of similar size. The proprietary technology reduces blast nozzle exit velocity while maintaining particle velocity; thus reducing noise at the source while maintaining abrasive productivity.

Save Money

Operate within OSHA Permissible Exposure Limits (PEL) and reduce noise citation risk and company liability. At 115 dB, normal blasting is safe for just 15 minutes. Reduced to 98 dB, OSHA allows up to four hours of work, improving efficiency by protecting hearing.

Minimize Worker Fatigue

Blast Ninja™ reduces nozzle back pressure and worker fatigue. In addition to reducing noise levels, Blast Ninja™ nozzles have less push back and operator fatigue compared with similar venturi nozzles of the same size.

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